Cloud Computing


Net2Compute leverages the power of a virtual private data center (VPDC) to provide users with the most complete and powerful cloud computing solution. Like a physical data center, users will be able to configure their own firewalls, storage, memory, and computing power, and more. But unlike a physical data center, the VPDC allows for easy self-provisioning through a web-based drag-and-drop utility that enables fast deployment within an hour. With no more need to invest in physical equipment, enterprises can instead focus on building their own technology and services while costs are reduced to operational expenditures to scale as needed when needed.

Basic Cloud Computing Benefits

  1. Greater Flexibility
  2. Massive Scalability
  3. Greener Operations
  4. Smarter Expediture Allocation
  5. Faster Time-to-Market

Additional Net2Compute VPDC Benefits

  1. Self-Provisioning
  2. Enhanced Customization
  3. Enterprise-Ready Service Policies
  4. Multi-tiered Profiles
  5. Full Virtual Data Center

The Net2Compute VPDC solution is an enterprise-grade cloud computing solution specifically designed to support enterprise business operations by providing advanced protocols typically not found by cloud computing providers, attributes like QoS (Quality of Service), SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and multi-tiered service profiles to best fit an enterprises computing needs. The cloud infrastructure is built upon the latest cloud computing technology from Cisco’s UCS (Unified Computing System) to VMware's Virtualization and Compellent's SAN Storage.