Global EZ-VPN

Why Back-Up Explained

CHT Global provides one of the best network solutions through a MPLS-VPN infrastructure. Though there may be guaranteed redundancy and re-routing within the network, enterprises still face the danger of connection failure through the local loop.

Data and communication loss can be detrimental for enterprises in the case of even one hour of down time. Why not take some preventive measures to ensure a full-proof solution?


The Difference EZ-VPN & Standard IP-Sec

Standard IP-Sec requires for IT and MIS managers to handle data encryption on their own which can become an added burden due to complexity. When enterprises decide to manage their own IP-Sec configuration, they utilize the internet for 100% of their network, whereas those using EZ-VPN will still be utilizing CHT Global's MPLS-VPN infrastructure with a far smaller connection point of EZ-VPN connecting through the internet. In addition, CHT Global sets up and configures customer premise routers so that there is no burden for our customers.

Benefits Realized

  • Enhanced security within MPLS-based core network architecture
  • Reduced networking costs with quality traffic and reliabilit
  • Easy installation and upgrades without additional configuration changes
  • Powered by world-class CHTG management
  • Build a comprehensive VPN solutions to grow your global business