CQM: Advanced Network Monitoring System

What is CQM?

CQM stands for "Customer Quality Management." It is a web-based network monitoring system that provides customers a window into seeing how their network is performing, thus providing CHT global customers the assurance of a high quality network for their IT needs. CQM measures a number of variables related to each customers IT architecture that runs through the CHT Global network such as packet loss ratio, bandwidth availability, latency, etc.

The web control panel for CQM is an user name and password secured web portal that is not only powerful but easy to use. IT managers will be able to pull network relevant data and manipulate its measurements across time, location, levels, and other constraints. With this, the power to optimize ones MPLS IP-VPN network will be greatly enhanced, solve problem issues faster by pinpointing exact trouble areas, and also forecast future usage and needs. So whether it is video media using too much bandwidth, additional resources being needed for ERP / applications, or data transfer. In other words, CoS/QoS optimize the network bandwidth usage, but CQM allows for indication readers in order to better optimize CoS, QoS, and entire IT system.

The CQM portal also provides a direct line of contact with CHT Global's NOC and support team. Customers can report trouble tickets and check for trouble ticket resolution updates and status changes via the portal. The service provided is a standard feature for all CHT Global MPLS-VPN customers and can be a great advantage to IT managers and engineers as they manage greater and greater amount of network bandwidth and corporate sites that require high uptime connections.

CQM Network Monitoring Portal Snapshots

Network Traffic Dashboard

network traffic dashboard

Bandwidth Utilization & Pack Loss Measurements

bandwidth utilization & packet loss measurements

Traffic Usage Breakdowns

traffic usage breakdowns

Value Added Options

  • Greater network analysis options