Toll Free Conferencing

Multi-Media Audio Conferencing For All

CHT Global's Toll-Free Conferencing Solultion is a solution that allows every company, no matter how big or small to access or offer a high quality conferencing tool. Collaboration is allowed for worldwide interaction with up to 30 seats to join in. Now small businesses can give their clients a way to communicate with them by calling in through toll-free access numbers and experience a conferencing solution commonly only associated with large corporations.

The Audio Conferencing Solution is also easy to set up and access, requiring only a Room Assignments and Passcodes if you should set it. The Chairperson of each conference will have multiple control tools to manage seats and the confrence, giving you the power and ability to make the most out of each conference session.

  • Establish Passcode for Entry Security
  • Mute / Un-mute All Participants
  • Mute / Un-mute Yourself
  • Turn On / Off Entry & Exit Tones
  • Lock / Unlock Conference Entry
  • Check Number of Participants
  • End Conference

See the User Guide & how easy it can be to begin using the CHT Global Audio Conferencing System!

Toll-Free Access Numbers & Rates