Small Business Toolkit

CHT Global Small Business Toolkit

CHT Global's Small Business Toolkit bundles the essential business communications tools all into one place as an affordable package. Customers can pick and choose the services that their business require, or add one tool at a time to their own toolkit of solutions.

Toolkit Solutions

Example Use-Case Studies

Lin's Flower Shop

Lin's Flower Shop has been a household name around her neighborhood for a number of years. As a small business owner, Lin is proud to have started her business from scratch and built a loyal customer base. But after running the business for 5 years, she realizes that new customers who stop by have trouble remembering her flower shop and it's difficult to promote her shop beyond her neighborhood. Lin hears about CHT Global's "Small Business Toolkit" and finds out this is the perfect solution that can help her enhance her business reach while keeping things simple.

Lin has CHT Global register her a web domain with her store's identity: "" After that, she has CHT Global set up website hosting so she can create a simple website for "" as well as a professional email contact with "" Now her business cards look more professional and customers can better find her shop and pass on the good news!

ChinaBest TechExchange

ChinaBest is Frank's small business project. After working for other companies and gaining a lot of expertise, Frank decides he wants to help other Chinese American businesses with the consultation expertise and the great network of technology resources he had developed during his time in the industry. Many of his resources are in Taiwan and China, so he's frequently on the move. Needing a mobile solution, he turns to CHT Global.

CHT Global analyzes Frank's situation and suggests this solution: Net2Mail Enterprise Email for better message access and transmission between America, Taiwan, and China; as well as Net2Mail's Digital Fax Engine so that Frank can receive fax messages into his email account, as well as send them on the go. With that, Frank sets up his account with a fax number with a San Jose, California area code, as well as a Taipei, Taiwan area code. In addition, with Net2Mail he also creates forwarding email addresses that will help make his company look bigger and more professional (,,, etc), all for free as part of the package.

Finally, Frank also requests for CHT Global's Long Distance Voice solution, which allows him to make long distance calls at a reduced price, from anywhere on his travels. Thus providing him great costs savings all around, as well as great flexibility and convenience through these tools.